博士・修士 論文


奥田 慶文

Yoshifumi Okuda

  • 特許戦略における守りと攻めの戦略要素に関する研究
  • How are Defensive Patents Defined and Utilized as Business Strategic Tools?
  • Questionnaire Survey to Japanese Enterprises Having Many Defensive Patents
  • Study of blocking patents and many patents strategy by Japanese big companies

サラ ガブリエル

MWAIPOPO Sarah Gabriel

  • Assessment of Intellectual Property Awareness and Utilization by SMEs in Japan: A lesson
     for Tanzania

並松 沙樹

Saki Namimatsu


安武 純一

Junichi Yasutake


須山 直紀

Naoki Suyama


田中 慶一

Keiichi Tanaka


服部 匡起

Kuniki Hattori


木村 励

Tsutomu Kimura

  • Research on Ecaluation Technique of Patented Invention Using both Technical Value and Economic Value
  • Evaluation of Patented Invention by Economic Value

山崎 忠史

Tadashi Yamazaki





Liang Yao

  • Technological Feature Analysis of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Makers Based on Patent Data

池 盛仁

Morito Ike

  • Study of patent pool to increase access to medicines

砥綿 洋佑

Yosuke Towata

  • 日本企業は国際調査報告の結果を活用できているか ~ISRによる評価と国内段階移行国の実態~

間瀬 仁

Hitoshi Mase

  • 日本における介護ロボット産業の特許出願動向

服部 智成

Tomonari Hattori

  • 自動運転技術の開発の軌跡と企業毎の特徴調査

知識 祐典

Yusuke Chishiki

  • Study on product trends and patent application trends of domestic companies in the inkjet printer market

石田 卓也

Takuya Ishida

  • Analysis on patent portfolio by using technical scope of patent of automotive semiconductor companies

高階 健太

Kenta Takashina


林田 研吾

Kengo Hayashida

  • Patent scouting defines further growth under open innovation era, in Case of Google
  • Comparative study on IT related companies with global patent strategy

倉上 綾介

Ryosuke Kurakami

  • カテーテルアブレーション治療技術における技術予測手法に関する研究

乾 利之

Toshiyuki Inui

  • 商標情報および特許情報を利用した新商品予測に関する考察
  • 商標情報を利用した事業分析に関する考察

檜 慶郎

Yoshiro Hinoki

  • Study on the subjects of copyrights on e-book business processes


Yoon Sang il

  • A study on the prediction of new functions equipped in next business release of Smartphone

杉本 学

Manabu Sugimoto

  • Analysis between patent portfolio and know-how in the field of aramid fiber industry
  • Can we specify the technical field of know-how by making patent portfolio analysis

萱野 康親

Yasuchika Kayano

  • Study of Patent Application Strategy by Global ERP Vendors in Japan


Pham Nhivuong

  • Comparative study of technological trend between DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD and Panasonic Corporation in the business field of air conditioner for home use by using patent information
  • Comparative study of technological trend between DAIKIN and Panasonic in the field of air conditioning

津谷 薫子

Nobuko Tsutani

  • The study of the second use drugs for cancer in the pharmaceutical company
  • How can we specify the second use drugs from patent information

斉藤 志穂里

Shihori Saito

  • Can SHARP take a leadership on New Liquid Cristal Panel IGZO competing against competitors? -Observations from patent information analysis-

関 正美

Masami Seki


仁戸田 一之

Kazuyuki Nieda

  • Project Report インドにおける営業秘密保護の考察

橋本 利雄

Toshio Hashimoto

  • Managing Joint R&D: An Investigation into Joint Patent Applications in Japan, US and Europe
  • A Comparative Study of in-house R&D and joint R&D using patent information analysis

津留崎 良範

Yoshinori Tsurusaki

  • 油圧ショベル用フィルタ分野の特許情報分析による顧客の技術ニーズ抽出
  • How to define the technical roadmap in the field of filtering technology for hydraulic excavators by using customers' patent information?

中井 豊

Yutaka Nakai

  • Chinese Company's IPR Strategy: How Huawei Technologies Succeeded in Dominating Overseas Market by Sideward-Crawl Crab Strategy
  • Management's Recognition of Software Enterprise in Inland China - comparative Study with Beijing and Dalian's Factor Analysis -

呉 江

Jiang Wu

  • Patents Based Technology Priority Analysis of OLED Technology - Samsung & LG Case Study -

白川 宏昭

Hiroaki Shirakawa

  • A study of IP activity of plant engineering company

増嶌 稔

Minoru Masujima

  • What are the Reasons Why Japanese Enterprises File So Many Patent
  • Applications without Request for Examination?
  • Why Japan boasts of the most patent applications in the world
  • National IP Strategies

佐藤 嵩一郎

Koichiro Sato

  • A Study of Issues Relating to the Relationship between Patentability and Infringement Litigation in Japan

原 健太郎

Kentaro Hara

  • Study of Technology Alliance in Business Ecosystem of Smart Grid
Muhammad Nasih Basyarahil
  • Comparative Study of Dainippon Printing and Toppan Printing in Protective Sheet for Solar Module Business

中山 佳奈子

Kanako Nakayama

  • – Analysis from Patent Information –
  • Can the conscious of technical characteristics overcomewith harvesting local capability?
  • International technology transfer of clean technologies focusingon technical characteristics
  • A study of international clean technology transfer – Analysis using patent classifications and trend of applicants –

董 佐夫

Sao Tou

  • A Study on the Situation and Issues of Patent Pools
  • 日本における個人発明家の特許発明商業化の現状及び阻害要因に関する研究

洪 錫鐵

Sukchul Hong

  • A Study of Issues Relating to the Relationship between Patentability and Infringement Litigation in Japan

松野 広一

Hirokazu Matsuno

  • Empirical research on the characteristics of unutilised patents based on PLDB data focusing on a leading enterprise

砂田 薫

Kaoru Sunada

  • Research on Intellectual Property Management for Social Ventures in Japan
  • Research on Intellectual Property Management for Social Entrepreneurs in Japan:IPManagement Application to Social Ventures
  • Research on Intellectual Property Management for Social Ventures in Japan – IP Management Application to "Madre Bonita (Beautiful Mother)" as a Case –

樋口 壮人

Takehito Higuchi

  • A study of the perception gaps between Vietnam and Japan in technology transfers and international academic/industrial partnerships
  • A Study of Cultural Background Between Vietnam and Japan in Technology Transfer and International Academic/Industrial Partnerships
  • Perception Gap among Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippine in Technology Transfer and Academic-Industrial Collaboration

温 素華

Soka On

  • 半導体IPコア市場における流通第三者について ~台湾IP Mall及びTIPMの事例を中心として~

永塚 広明

Hiroaki Nagatsuka

  • Research on Management of Patent Applications about Long Life-Cycle Electric Appliances
  • Management of patent applications for digital camera considering the product life cycle

Veravej Guy Ornthanalai

  • Using IP to maximize fundraising potential for tech startups

Jutatip Vuthiparum

  • The Source of Competitive Advantage in Vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises 
  • The Support of Design IP: Export Thai Designer's Product to Japan

竹野 雄尋

Yujin Takeno

  • Research on the relationship between IP strategy and corporate strategy from the viewpoint of BSC

松本 佳

Kei Matsumoto

  • A Study of Incentive System for Developping New AIDS Vaccine and Medicine

毎田 賢司

Kenji Maida

  • A Study of Article 104-3 of the Patent Law and Trial for Correction

田中 耕太郎

Koutarou Tanaka

  • Extraction Problems about Start-up Company Launched from Titech

荘 育政

Chung Yu-Cheng

  • Comparision Between Taiwan and Japan Patent Attorney System
  • Study about patent technology evaluation method in stent technology
  • Research on a Technological Evaluation Method Applying Patented Invention for Strategic Technology Management

王 ギョク

Jue Wang

  • Granted patents have the same level of inventive step? A new approach to distinguish patent protection based on the level of inventive step
  • Comparison Study of Japanese & European Companies Behavior in Patent Application ― Strategy of Selection & Concentration in Patent Acquisition
  • Comparative Study of Japanese & European Companies' Behavior in Patent Application ― Strategy of Selection & Concentration in Patent Acquisition

安彦 元

Gen Abiko

  • A study of sampling process of quantitative element in the specification
  • A Proposal for a Numerical Method of Claims Which Corresponds to the Breadth of Their Technical Scope
  • The Statement Analysis of Patent Claim by Quantitative Element and Statistical Consideration using Tree Model
  • The Study of Variance of Decision Making to Claim Influence on Usefulness
  • 「特許請求の範囲の限定度を数値化するスキームを提案し、その戦略的応用を示した業績」により、TEPIA知的財産事業学術奨励賞を受賞

菊地 大輔

Daisuke Kikuch

  • Proposal of new business by crearion of pet holder's travel chance

赤尾 隼人

Hayato Akao

  • The collaboration between research and development department and intellectual property department for knowledge creation

佐々木 一

Hajime Sasaki

  • The research on a proposal to introduce BSC and practical subjects for promotin inter-functional collaboration of Intellectual Property activities.

木村 恭子

Kyoko Kimura

  • Human power : Altruistic mind common to the enterprises

米川 聡

Satoru Yonekawa


徐 玉娟

Xu Yu-juan

  • 数字で見る中国知的財産権保護状況
  • A Comparison on Correlations between Patent Infringement litigation and Patent 
  • Invalidation in Japan and China

野間口 一由

Kazuyoshi Nomaguchi

  • 福祉ビジネスにおける知的財産の活用①
  • 福祉ビジネスにおける知的財産の活用②
  • Research of competency required for a patent circulation adviser

筧 裕介

Yusuke Kakei

  • Research on the relationship between brand premium and brand benefit image of the residential area

加藤 克彦

Katsuhiko Kato

  • A study of analyzing factors that influencethe role improvement of brand

川原 崇彦

Takahiko Kawahara

  • Reserch on problems and its solution surrounding intellectual property along with promoting corporation between industry and univercity

山本 理絵

Rie Yamamoto

  • Activity of the Intellectual Property Department and the Enviroment Department: The Case of "Lead-free Solder" Development


Lata S. Kapur

  • Critical factors making influence on the quality of IPR Agreements- Guidance to raise IP consciousness in International Agreements


Zhang Wei

  • Study on Patent Management and Strategy for Qualifying Patents of Enterprises and How Government Patent Office should guide by Policy

Diego Boschetti Musskopf

  • What Japan can teach us about PPH: Important Features Extracted from Questionnaire Survey

Zhou Zheng

  • Study on the Role of Government in the Implementation of National Intellectual Property Strategy