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i-BIS; International Business and Inventions Services has been actively engaged in education and research, especially in the field of intellectual property, with the support of many customers from the beginning of office registration. Our office was registered in April 1994. In the midst of changes such as the strengthening of Japan's intellectual property strategy in 2002, the recent progress of real and full-scale globalization, and the arrival of a new era of IoT, AI, and 5G, and unexpected events such as the recent corona pandemic era, we have been engaged in educational research and dissemination activities related to strategy formulation in the field of intellectual property.
Yoshitoshi Tanaka, the director of our office, retired from Tokyo Institute of Technology at the end of March 2020, and has been devoting himself to work at the Ibis International Patent Office since last year. We would be grateful if we could cooperate in resolving the management issues faced by our customers. In particular, how to reflect intellectual property activities in corporate management and contribute to the sustainable growth of the company, and redefinition of intellectual property activities that should be tackled in the increasingly fierce international competition in the future. We would like to cooperate with you for the further development of everyone.


Yoshitoshi Tanaka

Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Registered patent attorney, Registered for IP infringement lawsuit cases 


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・Yoshitoshi Tanaka, "Patent Information Utilisation to Promote Innovation in the ASEAN Region", ERIA, 2024

  Let me upload my recent paper this month, Feb, 2021, as follows.

   "Analysis and definition of baseline of IP education for further economic growth of

    ASEAN Member States" Feb. 15, 2021

        Attachment (I): Matrix Scoring Table

        Attachment (II): Requests for hearings sent to ASEAN IP experts

        Attachment (III): IP education baseline

  • (Jan 30&31, 2020)Introducing Patent Search Education Program and Conducting Patent Search Competition in Philippines (FY2019 University & Technical College Intellectual Property Support Program) 

          1. Report Patent Search Education Program and Competition by Adamson University

          2. Patent Search Education Program and Competition Demo 2020

          3. Core Value for Business Growth January 30, 2020

          4. “Introduction of Patent” presented by Ms. Anna May Ramos