Research Overview

The movement for the recovery of industry's international competitiveness has been activated based on our excellent technology targeting "IP based country". Especially, the results of industry-university collaboration for creating new industry based on high technology at public institutes or university are highly expected, and accordingly it is requested to protect these technologies based on intellectual property system globally. In order to make those activities contribute to launching new industry, the technologies protected by IP rights shall be utilized at the real business situation. It is stated that IP creation cycle should have 3 stages "creation", "protection" and "utilization. We Japan has achieved a lot of creation and have advanced patent protection system, however, its utilization will be strongly expected to make full use of IP for further development. IP rights should be obtained but also should be utilized. When IP rights are utilized, IP rights will have its value.


At Tanaka Laboratory, we are making researches what kind of IP activities should be promoted and how IP activities are promoted for enterprises' growth and strength. Furthermore, we are creating business tools to bridge IP activities with corporate management, trying to provide our research results to our business society contributing toward the strength of international competitiveness.


In the field of Intellectual Property Management, first, we have to learn and get the knowledge on IP related Laws. Legal knowledge is considered as minimum expertise as IP people. However, for the IP Management, the legal knowledge on IP related laws is not enough. We are trying to make bridges between Legal field and Management field, by accumulating the skills on strategy formulation, technology estimate, HR management, etc. integrating with IP related Laws.


It is the place to go to the scene of the business with the fresh and excellent students and to be proceeding with the research activities to be free and to be open.

The main research subject

  • Research on the relation between business management and intellectual property activities
  • Research on the collaboration between the intellectual property division and the other functional division
  • The investigation of the cause of generation of sleeping patents
  • Research on the intellectual property strategy to be utilized for the technology management
  • Research on the human power which is required for the technology management human resources
  • Research on the competency which is required for the IP management human resources
  • Research on the competency which is required for the patent licensing adviser
  • Research on the acquisition and enforcement of IP rights China
  • Research on the relations between religion view and the management idea